Reduce Environmental Impact by Using Our Bio-Line

At Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co., we are leading the way by producing an innovative Bio-Line range. Our eco-friendly line of sustainable products lives up to at least four crucial environmental impact criteria, including resource-efficient, recyclable, renewable, and responsibly sourced.

We ensure that these criteria should apply to our product manufacturing process and the final product. Our company is working towards driving change through our Bio-Line by adopting sustainable practices. Currently, our products are 100% recyclable.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a leading manufacturer of hospitality industry utensils and other similar solutions, we design products that can withstand repeated washing cycles. Our products made from polypropylene have the capability to withstand multiple washing cycles without losing their shape and aesthetics.

We have developed our unique designing methods through research and development to create products that are highly resistant to repeated washing. This means that our products are easily reusable, significantly reducing the environmental impact and delivering more savings for the hospitality companies.

We utilize single polymer raw materials for product manufacturing, which simplifies the sorting process while improving recyclability. This provides our clients with 100% recyclable and disposable products. Despite this, it largely depends on our sense of civic responsibility how we contribute to keeping our environment clean by following the local municipality rules and disposing of products sensibly.

We use virgin polymer raw materials, as well as recycled raw materials for product manufacturing, which helps make our production process more circular.

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