About Us

Our History

Since 1998, Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co. is serving the hospitality, restaurant and catering industry with innovative and sustainable products made from food-grade materials. In the beginning, the company was involved in importing products for sales and distribution. Realizing the need for high-quality, sustainable, and stylish catering products, the company started its own production, which meets the standards of excellence.

What We Do

We manufacture high-quality products for the food industry, providing solutions for businesses to build their brand, as well as catering comfort for consumers.

Our Story

In 2009, the company developed its independent production line without involving any third-party firm. With each passing year, we established ourselves as an innovative company that enriches the experience of its clients and infuses life into old concepts. Our production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art injection molding machines, packaging equipment, and automation systems that deliver excellent, economical, and eco-friendly catering products in a clean and compliant environment. Our company offers the fastest production time, as we can manufacture and ship completed products within 24 hours. By developing direct relationships with industry professionals, Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co. is able to collaborate with its clients. We are now benefitting from an in-depth understanding of their expectations, needs, methods, and business evolution. This has enabled us to provide revolutionary solutions that make a mark in the industry.

Our Values

At Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co., we uphold the values of originality, integrity, curiosity, creativity, environmental commitment, social engagement, technical knowledge, and understanding of our client’s needs. We combine these values in every project to deliver exceptional products. We continue to improve and innovate in an attempt to provide our clients with unique and cost-effective products.


We make sure to assess our client’s needs to the fullest, using our team’s expertise to analyze and research each project to achieve maximum results.


Design has always been important to us. We make sure to incorporate it into everything we do.


We provide our clients with a lot of services, but first and foremost we are a manufacturer and our core value is to produce high-quality products.


As a socially responsible organization, we are aware of our social as well as environmental responsibilities. We have made sustainability an integral part of our corporate strategy. We translate our commitment into robust actions based on three major factors; local manufacturing, commitment to society, and eco-friendly designing and manufacturing. Every year, we launch our novel line of products to make new clients in the industry.

Mission & Values

The needs of the food and hospitality industry keep evolving due to the changing lifestyles and various other economic factors. Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co. remains on top of old and new trends to address the evolving needs and customer expectations like on-the-go products and responsible consumption. We believe that designs should be unique yet practical and accessible to all. We aim to continue assisting our new and existing clients with our in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide groundbreaking yet practical and cost-effective high-end products that help them achieve success.


Our unique collections, thoughtful designs, and an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and colors make us stand apart from our competitors. We manufacture all our products with the finest quality and 100% recyclable environmentally friendly materials. Our organization is committed to the sustainability and safety of people as well as our environment.