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Eco-Friendly Cutlery in Natural Brown Shade

Realizing the need for eco-friendly and reusable cutlery in the industry, we created this unique cutlery line that places us among the eco-friendly plastic manufacturing companies. We offer a much cheaper, better quality, lightweight, and durable alternative to the traditional single-use plastic cutlery.

This reusable cutlery range is manufactured from a combination of wood and plastic industry’s waste materials known as wood fibers, which makes it much more sustainable and eco-friendly. This provides a solution to the bio-based single-use cutlery.

The reusability and eco-friendliness of this cutlery line deliver a unique combination that saves the environment and costs. This product is much more durable and stronger than single-use cutlery, making it heat resistant to 100 degrees and suitable for the dishwashing machine.

As it uses a minimal amount of plastic, it leaves a significantly less carbon footprint. Using this cutlery for your events, parties, or corporate functions is sure to leave your brand’s lasting impression on your customers.