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Stylish, Reusable, and Custom Designed Lunch Boxes

Here we present a stylish, smart, and dishwasher safe range of reusable lunch boxes made from sustainable, durable polypropylene plastic. This hygienic range of reusable boxes comes with a secure lid, which ensures that food does not fall out. The vented and clear lid gives a clear view of sumptuous packaged food. The crowned design with a premium finish and custom embossing option leave a lasting impression on the customers.

This range of dishwasher and microwave safe boxes is available in different sizes and 1 to 3 compartments depending on your specific requirements. For instance, you can put the main course with side course and dessert in the three-compartment boxes or order 2 section boxes for the main course and sideline serving. These lunchboxes are perfect for takeaway and delivery.