Corporate Social Responsibility

More than a Decade of Social Responsibility and Commitment to Sustainability

VPM Co. understands its corporate social responsibility and commitment to sustainability. We offer eco-friendly and sustainable cutlery and packaging solutions for food manufacturers and HORECA businesses that are upholders of environmental protection and preservation for present and future generations. We are working towards creating a world free of waste. 

We have established ourselves as a company committed to eco-designing, innovation, local manufacturing, and social engagement. That’s why we have set embarked on what we like to call, A Green Goal.

Local Manufacturing

We design and produce 90% of the products locally. All our products undergo rigorous quality checks and comply with international standards for limited carbon emissions. We maintain our production in Russia, which supports our local partners and contributes to the national economic environment.

Eco-friendly Designing and Production

At Volginskiy Plastics Manufacturing Co., we make it a part of our process to design and produce eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable products. They comply with strict European production standards and manufactured from materials compliant with OK compost. We also continuously invest in energy-efficient and latest machinery that helps us to minimize material wastage. This helps us to reduce our impact on the environment. We strive to limit our environmental impact through the entire production and product lifecycle.

Social Engagement

As a socially responsible firm, we stay up-to-date with current social and community issues and try to resolve them through our monetary and intellectual support. First, we ensure our employees are adequately cared for and all their needs are fulfilled so that they can focus on their work and improve efficiency.

We also create employment opportunities for the deserving people and participate in philanthropic initiatives at local and national levels. We support organizations that work for the improvement of the communities. Through these initiatives, we try to give back to our society, which has enabled us to establish and grow our business.


Research and innovation lie at the heart of our concept and design. It is not just a vital part of our production process but also our commitment to our clients to provide them with unique yet sustainable products. We believe that knowledge and creativity fuel ideas. Our entire team, from designers to marketing and production, continuously brainstorm to develop innovative prototypes that are economical and eco-friendly.

Prioritizing Social Responsibility Over Profits

At times, we have to make decisions regarding prioritizing social responsibility or profits. We always prioritize socially responsible choices related to our industry. We put our social responsibility over profits as we want to make a real difference in society.